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Multiple family head nationalities Multiple family head nationalities

Family head nationality not known Head of Family Scottish or Not Known

Govan: Scotland's Melting Pot, 1881

The stars represent all households in our sample containing people born overseas

Use the drop-down box beneath 'Select Nationality' to chose a nationality to display on the map; then click on the map icons to view individuals. Alternatively, enter a surname in the 'Surname' box to search for people amongst our sample. If your search is successful, individuals will be shown as an icon on the map, which you can click for further details. To see other people living at that address, click on 'View Households' in the pop-up box. The addresses shown are tenement houses that contain several households. Hence we refer to households 1, 2 etc.

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OS One-inch "Popular" edition, Scotland, 1921-1930

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