Welcome & introduction

The WCM project  held the public engagement workshop, Learning From The Past, Looking To the Future, co-hosted with Scottish Women’s Aid, in March 2012. This one-day event was attended by over 70 people drawn from a range of third sector organisations, social work practitioners and academics. Papers presented (available from the drop down menus under Project Media) contextualised the work of SWA (Scotland’s lead organisation working in the field of domestic abuse) in its historic, social and cultural setting.  Past struggles for recognition of domestic abuse as a serious social problem were also highlighted, leading participants to consider how this history can aid us in the present and future.

Rosemary Elliot


–          Elsie Inglis—established a maternity and midwife hospital in Edinburgh; a hospice for poor women; witnessed domestic violence—this contributed to her own activism and fighting inequality.

–          35th anniversary of Scottish Women’s Aid

  • Domestic violence effects people form every walk of life despite gender, age and class

–          Also a look at family and marriage

  • Family breakdown and domestic abuse as a key theme
  • Serious social issue

–          Not only historic issue

  • Effected by cuts, changes to the legal aid system in current economic and political climate

–          Contextualise issues faced today in historic terms