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This page collects the project team’s various podcasts and recordings from conferences and other events. Links are provided to full details of each event.

Postgraduate Masterclass in the History of Emotions, Courtship and Marriage, c. 1650-2000

12 September 2015 | Event Details

Part of our recent international symposium was a Postgraduate Masterclass on the history of emotions, courtship and marriage, which attracted Masters and PhD students also currently working in this field. The opportunity to discuss their research with a panel of historical experts was greatly appreciated by all attendees, as was the opportunity to probe the minds of our panel. This session offered the chance to engage with related themes, concepts, discourses and sources, in order to better understand how the historian might skilfully navigate narratives of love, romance, courtship, and sexuality.

The panel was made of the following international academics:

  • Katie Barclay, Research Fellow in the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions, University of Adelaide
  • Helene Carlbäck, Associate Professor in History, Södertörn University
  • Julie Hardwick, Professor of History, University of Texas
  • Jeff Meek, from the AHRC Project, A History of Working-Class Marriage in Scotland
  • Penny Morris, Lecturer in Italian, University of Glasgow
  • Julia Moses, Lecturer in Modern History, University of Sheffield
  • Mary O’Dowd Professor of History at Queen’s University Belfast
  • Christina Simmons, Professor Emeritus of History and Women’s Studies, University of Windsor
  • Andrea Thomson, from the AHRC Project, A History of Working-Class Marriage in Scotland
  • Ruth Vanita, Professor of Liberal Studies, University of Montana
  • Garthine Walker, Reader in History, Cardiff University

Dialogues with Scotland’s History of Domestic Abuse

20 June 2014 | Event details


Hidden Voices

Chair: Alex Shepard

Kirsty Calderwood, Children’s Coordinator, The CEDAR Project, ‘Breaking the Secret: Domestic abuse recovery with Cedar Glasgow’

Rosemary Elliot and Annmarie Hughes, University of Glasgow, ‘Bad Girls’ or ‘Child Outrages’? Exploring Female Adolescent Sexual Exploitation in Glasgow c.1900-1920’

Brain Dempsey, AMIS, University of Dundee, ‘Hearing the voices of men who experience domestic abuse’

Public Voices

Chair: Jeff Meek

Meagan Butler, University of Glasgow, ‘Presenting Experiences of Domestic Abuse in the Public Arena in the Nineteenth Century’

Lesley Orr, Honorary Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, ‘”Rocking the Status Quo”: Women’s Aid Voices from the Edge, 1973 – 1980’

Smina Akhtar, Director of AMINA, The Muslim Women’s Resource Centre, ‘What Islam says about Violence Against Women’

‘What Islam says about Violence against Women’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QwR_cxPqqE

Their Voices

Chair: Rosemary Elliot

Andrea Thomson, University of Glasgow, ‘Hearing ‘Silent’ History: Learning from women’s accounts of domestic abuse in late twentieth-century Scotland’

Nel Whiting, Learning and Development Coordinator at Scottish Women’s Aid, ‘Future Directions’


Sandra White, MSP for Glasgow Kelvin

Chair: Annmarie Hughes

Beyond tradition?: Non-traditional marriage, partnerships and the family in Scotland, past and present

6 May 2013 | Event details



Professor Lynn Jamieson, Co-Director of the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships, University of Edinburgh, ‘Continuity and Change in Family Life and Intimate Relationships.’

Lynn Jamieson
Lynn Jamieson

Irregular Marriage and Cohabitation Past and Present

Eleanor Gordon, Professor of Social and Gender History, University of Glasgow, ‘Informal unions in the past: official attitudes and popular practice.’

Eleanor Gordon
Eleanor Gordon

Dr Jane Mair, School of Law, University of Glasgow, ‘Living Together at Bed Board: A Modern Relationship?’

Jane Mair
Jane Mair

Children in Families Past and Present

Felicity Cawley, PhD student, The History of Working-Class Marriage (AHRC–funded project), University of Glasgow, ‘Experiencing the Non-traditional: Childhood and the non-conventional family in twentieth century Scotland.’

Marion Davis, Policy and Research Advisor, One Parent Families Scotland, ‘Lone Parents – Exploding the Myths.’

Marion Davies & Felicity Cawley
Marion Davies & Felicity Cawley

Same Sex Unions Past and Present

Dr Jeff Meek, The History of Working –Class Marriage (AHRC–funded project), University of Glasgow,  ‘“Oh, let the Buggers marry!”:  Non-heterosexual men, partnerships and families in post-war Scotland.’

Jeff Meek
Jeff Meek

Dr Anna Einarsdottir, Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour and HRM, Business School, University of Hull, ‘”My family”, “your family” and “our family”: Young civil partners and family life in Scotland.’

Anna Einarsdottir
Anna Einarsdottir

Heather Walker, author of LGBT Pathways to Parenthood, ‘LGBT pathways to parenthood: the recent, personal stories of some lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Scotland.’

Heather Walker
Heather Walker

Learning from the Past, Looking to the Future

8 March 2012 | Event details

Domestic Abuse and the Law

Effecting change in the legal response to domestic abuse

Clare Connelly, University of Glasgow, School of Law

The Family Home: a Private Refuge?

Jane Mair, University of Glasgow

Service Provision for Domestic Abuse Survivors

What Aid? Certainly Not “Women’s Aid”: Social Work and Abused Wives in Scotland, c1850-1950

Annmarie Hughes, University of Glasgow

The Professionalisation of Activism – the impact of regulation on feminist organisations

Linda Rodgers, Scottish Women’s Aid

Children’s Experiences of Domestic Abuse

More like a football than a human being’: the plight of children between neglect and welfare in early 20th Century Scotland

Lynn Abrams, University of Glasgow

A balancing act: parents in trouble, children in need and the right to family life

Frankie McCarthy, University of Glasgow

Domestic Abuse – Women’s Voices

Hearing hidden voices: Scottish women’s experience of domestic abuse in late twentieth-century Scotland

Andrea Thompson, University of Glasgow

From “battered wives” to “coercive control”: 35 years of understanding domestic abuse in Scotland

Nel Whiting, Scottish Women’s Aid

Professor Eleanor Gordon on Irregular Marriage

Listen to Professor Eleanor Gordon’s podcast on the history of irregular marriage in Scotland.